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Terms and Conditions

The information on this site is indicative and it may contain errors or inaccuracies. Therefore, Blu-World and its colaborators can not be held responsible for incorrect information on the site.

Blu-World and its colaborators can not be held responsible for purchases based on information present at our site.

Although Blu-World contains links to third parties (including retail e-commerce), it can not be held responsible for the services, content or business provided by third parties.

Blu-World may provide, rent or sell to third parties, statistical information concerning the audio or subtitles entered by users.

Blu-World reserves the right to deny access to the site to users who repeatedly introduce incorrect information in order to adversely affect the credibility of the information contained herein.

Blu-World may change these terms at any time, so users must regularly consult this document.

All users of Blu-World will have to agree with the current terms. Users who do not accept these terms should leave the site and request deletion of their user accounts by email (support@blu-world.co.uk), if they completed the registration process.

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